welcome to my plastic cupcake.

it’s delicious. i promise.


blog take 4.

recently i was locked out of my beloved gmail account rendering me unable to access my former weblog. this has become to me, a soft billed duck. not so painful, but constantly annoying.

so here we are. meandering an artificial sprinkled dessert. is it all the delicious tastey, sweet things in life that look good but are, in fact, unreal? (thus the plastic)…or is it simply a toy laying next to my monitor that i deemed clever and witty and a seemingly fit title for a blog?

your choice.

2 thoughts on “welcome to my plastic cupcake.

  1. shoesaphone says:

    Best wishes on your new blog home!

    I think I want a third choice. Something like a plastic cupcake signifies a real cupcake (or the domain of real cupcakes, maybe), but it’s obviously not an actual cupcake. Just like the word “cupcake” can’t be eaten. (“The name that can be named is not the real name.”)

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