150 years is a long time.

yesterday i completed level one of a class my acupuncture doctor has been teaching. my sister took this challenge with me, and it’s called : I-FIT 150. or intended evolution health – let’s try to live to be 150 years old.

kinda weird. holistic. but hear me out. the idea of this class is that the cells in your body (your heart, your liver, your brain, etc) can live to be 150 years old. so what’s keeping us from living that long?

i was skeptical of all this, and it sounded super weird when we first started out, but i actually ended up really enjoying the class. it wasn’t just exercise (although we learned some tai chi, qi gong and a touch of martial arts), but general health and wellness practices. some about diet, some about how our body works.

we played with bean bags. we practiced meditations (in our minds. for our hands. for our eyes. for our TEETH.). we drank tea. we learned about energy and chi. aaaand…we learned how to be a tiger.

yes, a tiger.

the tiger is associated with confidence, good liver function, strengthening your kidneys (which by chinese medicine rules, is attached and correlated with good eyesight, which, by the way, my teacher recommends giving up dairy products for), good digestion and strong vision.

pretty interesting.

although the bean bag games were really fun, i think i really enjoyed learning how to do meditations and what they really are. i’m certain it’s different for everyone. my teacher, dr. zhang, took us through each step and helped guide us through this practice. there’s something about being really quiet and still that’s so powerful and necessary to recharge. i love it.

for me, it was kind of a spiritual experience. for example, when you practice the tiger (which is a tai chi exercise) you begin with a ‘tiger meditation’ of confidence. our teacher said we should imagine and feel that we are king of the jungle. immediately i begin thinking:

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

this is a verse from 2 timothy, and so for everyday for 6 weeks i’ve thought about this verse on a level below the surface. i think i’m just beginning to catch a glimpse of what it means to sincerely meditate on something within myself and something that’s bigger than myself. pretty incredible.

so all of this begs the question…do i really want to live to be 150 years old? yikes. i’m not so sure. we watched many testimonial videos of people who china who practice these things even starting as late in life as 60 years old, who live to be 115. 120. incredible. they didn’t have grey hair, very few wrinkles, and some didn’t even wear glasses. it was amazing.

the american in me gets too tired thinking about making a living for 150 years, and that if something does happen with my body there will always be a quick fix. right? hmm. but maybe this natural, preventative practice is worth it. either way, 150 year is a long, long time.

level two starts in a few months. i’m hoping we get to learn more animals. there’s also the monkey, the deer and my favourite…the crane. woo!

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