what comes before part b? fiercness.

i’ve been meaning to post these pictures for awhile. they are from my sister’s birthday party, hosted by myself, sam and amanda.







we have made a ritual practice of watching project runway together every wednesday night, which is now, sadly, over. it’s possible that monetary bets were made on the final winner, but alas our ‘fierce’ little champion prevailed.

things in austin are just kicking along. we went to a bead show today. who knew these things even existed? not me. SO fierce.

i’m still playing with the look of this blog. it’s kind of weird. i’m not totally sold out to it yet, but hopefully they won’t eat my blog like blogger did. eek!


cheers, friends. be fierce.

4 thoughts on “what comes before part b? fiercness.

  1. lizardsareneat says:

    YAY! You found me! Baby Lagasse has not received any gift so far, but I will let you know when he does. I miss you tons!

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