try to stay on this train (of thought).

i walked out of my house yesterday morning in the wee early hour of 7, to find a dead squirrel that someone…someTHING had seriously snacked on. ew. last night, in the midst of my feverish attempts to scrub my apartment top to bottom, i heard the punk kids next door screaming ‘it moved!’.

i can only assume the squirrel came back to life and tried to eat them as these bellows were followed by pounding footsteps down all 3 flights of stairs, and alas, this morning, the squirrel was gone.

so i’ve moved into a new position at work: copy editing. really? yes. so fierce.

today i muddled through an english research paper lesson whilst building a fond relationship with the chicago manual of style (sooo obscure). i took it to lunch. we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. we discussed economics and salsa dancing. afterwards we took a stroll to town lake and watched a family canoe across the water. sigh. i still feel as if we are perfect strangers.

anyway. allow me, for a moment, to encourage our youths of oh…7th…8th grade, to take good notes because really, who ever thought the mind behind plastic cupcake would be selected for such a daunting task? i scrambled through this manual today make note of serial (killer) commas and which capitalization rules apply to colons.

speaking of colons.

my colon is doing really great. so is my spleen. my acupuncturist was concerned a time or two ago because my spleen had bad chi. a heating lamp is what the doctor ordered. it worked. i think?

anyway. tonight i’m going to hear this guy. should be pretty weird. my friend sam tells me we’ll probably be the most normal people there, which is really saying something. have you SEEN my outfit today? let’s say punk rock dress meets skinny jeans meets pointy black shoes good for witching and squashing bugs.

be fierce. i’m off to eat fish and chips.

2 thoughts on “try to stay on this train (of thought).

  1. Chris Anna says:

    Your spleen had bad chi? I can honestly say I have never heard that phrase before. I hope you centered your chi spleen :)

    Emily, you live in Austin…Austin is weird, you are weird, keep Austin weird…I am sure your outfit is perfect for your evening event…mine on the other hand…let’s just say it’s kinda banker chick, meets mobster, meets wall-street. Black, pinstripes, more black, white accent…boring :) “Keep Spam Anna Boring…”

    Do you enjoy all the…? Yeah, I don’t know what has gotten into me.

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