sustainability. jump drive. people. robots. chicago.

so last night, my friend sam and i ventured to a collaborative south by southwest event for a sustainable environment, where there were bands, cool video-multi-media presentations, forums (for the lack of a better word), and robots. yes, robots. i met one named seeker.

now, as previously mentioned, sam told me that she and i would probably be the most normal people there. she was incredibly correct. there was a lady dressed as a geisha, a space cowgirl, lots of robot/futuristic outfits (antennae and whathaveyou), and even 3 german soldiers speaking in german accents. one of them carried a bullhorn.

right on, bullhorn man.

at one point, a particular band was coming on stage (i forget the name now…monster-something-or-other) and commissioned us to therefore go and ‘commence awesomeness’.

right on, weird monster band man commencing awesomeness with your futuristic lyrics and sound.

moving along…we felt kind of at home amongst the nerdery, but allow me, dear reader, to share with you my most favourite part of the evening: old nerd man trying to pick up sam.

since the event was held in a biergarden, we spent most of the evening outside, but at one point we decided to go inside and check out the ‘technology room’. after getting into an unnecessary conversation with a man about his top hat made out of metal, and then being gifted a ping pong ball each that his robot had printed a message for us on (mmhmmm), we made our way down the corridor to the room. a man in a black suit and black sunglasses then proceeds down the hallway toward us, bypasses me, and holds up what appears to be a lit-up jump drive, next to sam. it was all glowy and red and blue…and he says:

“yep, you’re the database.”

smiles, and walks away.

we exited the technology room immediately because we both broke out into a ridiculous fit of laughter, and decided it was best for us to stay OUTside. a few moments later the mysterious suitor reappeared with his ‘database tracking device’ and proceeds to sort of wave it over sam and says this:

” s…a…m…what does that even mean?”

smiles and walks away.

in the word of lil jon, ‘wwwwwwhat’?

how does agent k know her name??

sam said it was because she was in the database.

(rehashing this story today at work, with shoe, the question was asked if i, miss plastic cupcake, was in the database. the answer is, no. i wasn’t even on this guy’s radar. hehe.)

at this point we decide it might be time to call it an evening. we stayed for several hours and i got to meet lots of cool environmentally friendly people and robots. leaving the event, we ran into superman (naturally) and  a 20 foot long bicycle for 8 that looked like a giant white bug.

of course we did. we live in austin.

i shall now retreat to my personal nerdery: the my pursuit of true love with the chicago manual of style.

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