i’ve heard some great one-liners.

“dude. janis jopin…1968, front. row.”

“let me tell you what to do. i am psychic.”

“where is mary?! this nativity scene is inaccurate.”

sxsw is happening all over the place right now, and i’ve heard some really great one liners, passing people on the street. i have to say, people-watching is at it’s prime.

my tiny black heart and i decided to be social and venture out into the land of austin and engage in some musical and film activity, in addition to monday’s goings ons.

last night, sam, ron, lindsay and i spent some time in soco…mostly eating dinner and drinking espresso at enotenca, but also just enjoying the moment: walking, taking in the sights and sounds of what seems to be the edge of summertime. kids in cowboy boots…hipsters…thrift shopping…great times.

we decided to call it a night around 11pm, and walking to our cars we ran into a street band. at first glance they seemed to be pretty cool, and as we sat and listened to their guitars, mallets and drums, we were just absolutely captivated by the sound. it’s a young band, from florida called ‘giddyup, helicopter!‘. awesome.

on the docket tonight is for sure seeing the ting tings and then maybe back to south congress.

pictures, soon, friends.

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