south by southwest.

pictures. as promised.

lead singer of the ting tings, at the bat bar.


my beautiful friend, lindsay.

the coolest kid at south by.

the ron and the sam: the ultimate south by southwester-party-people.

giddyup, helicopter! and an incredible street performance.


6 thoughts on “south by southwest.

  1. thetrooks says:

    What is up with the dog? I loved the cupcakes! It made me feel “warm” inside. Not so much with the dog.
    It is good to see you have embraced the Austin life, but are staying true to Emily! I can just picture you walking by the band and saying, “That’s awesome!”
    I miss you.

  2. Jay says:

    Hi there. My name’s Jay; I’m an editor with the St. Pete Times in Florida. (Apologies if this comment comes through twice; it didn’t appear to work the first time.) As fate would have it, we’re doing a little story about Giddy-up Helicopter’s trip to SXSW, and I’m wondering if you would mind if we published one of your great photos. We’d credit you appropriately. You can reach me at cridlin at tampabay dot com. Thanks!

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