bring the bling when i sing? of course i will.

long time no post. so sorry my lovelies.

i’ve been pretty busy with work lately. after my short stint as copy editor, i moved into a real, live office to fill-in for our office manager for a few weeks whilst she and her beloved party down in jamaica upon pledging their nuptials.

movin’ and shakin’ on the social front. i was recently united with my former roomate, angie, who was in town for spring break. nice. we enjoyed some great conversations and some quality time at the dog and duck. and my abff, lindsay (see pic below), has just accepted a job in boca raton and will be moving next month. that is too far. sigh.

in the creative world, i recently signed up for the hundred acre wood mixed media fair out in manor. it’s happening in may, so that gives me about a month to get my act together. woo! i’ve been working on a couple of projects and this is going to be a good opportunity to network and see what everyone else has been up to.

i’m not feeling very bloggy today, so i’ll leave it at that.
hoppy easter, friends!

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