ancient prayer.

firstly–angela and shari, thank you for your comments. i was nervous about posting such an intimate thought but i’m glad that i did. thank you for everything that you said! seriously.

so i went to st. david’s parish last night (an episcopal church downtown), at 9pm, with lindsay and sam. it was in a word: incredible. not that your beliefs should ever be purely based on emotion, but this place felt good. we went to an ancient prayer service to celebrate easter.

we enter the church and a lady at the help desk guides us down a few twists and turns, through a chapel, and up a flight of stairs that brings us into the sanctuary. it is decorated with candles and lilies…very intimate. there are beautiful statues and stained glass adorning the walls. we make our way down the creaky wooden floor, in awe of the beautiful high, pitched ceiling. we sit about halfway back from the altar and are just 3 of about 25 people in the entire room.

the banners are white, signifying the season after lent: easter tide (i think i’m remembering this correctly from my youth). this hollowy echoy room is filled with the smell of incense lingering from the holy communion that had taken place earlier. peaceful.

the choir walks in. we sit in silence. they begin singing, gregorian-chant-style, prayers and scriptures. some solos. some duets. some as a whole group. it’s beautiful. we pray. more silence. we pray in silence.

this lasted about an hour and was just absolutely beautiful. i was telling someone this morning how with all the thoughts and feelings and frustrations i’ve been going through, i decided maybe i should go back to my spiritual roots. i grew up methodist. traditionally, it looked a lot like the episcopals…they just have more flair. but really? when has flair ever been bad for me? ha.

i hope to go back next week. i felt like i could have sat, in silence, for hours. i don’t know if i’ll attend regularly or not, but it was a nice change of pace to rediscover the beauty of tradition.

try it out sometime.

4 thoughts on “ancient prayer.

  1. samsarif says:

    Thanks for capturing so beautifully our Easter evening together. Hooray spiritual adventures!

    I think it is time for you to toot your horn to all of your readers about having one of your photographs PUBLISHED! Please post the link! Congratulations Badass!

  2. shari says:

    sounds beautiful! i’m glad you enjoyed it!

    was there any iconography in the church? i recently visited meg’s church in ft worth and they did a study on the meanings behind ancient icons and i think it would be so cool to see that kind of art these days.

    i grew up methodist, too. i know what you mean about going back to your roots…i like what you said about silence. i might try that this next sunday…just sitting and being still. good stuff.

    and congrats on getting published! wish we could have seen it..but definitely next time!

  3. plastic cupcake says:

    well it was dark but i’m certain there are things. that’s cool meg’s church did that study. i think you guys would dig it (dane and shari)–there’s such an artistic side to it, i think. woo!

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