the sandwich challenge.

so, i’ve been invited, by friends, to participate in a top chef challenge tomorrow evening. should be pretty interesting. there’s a group of us that have made watching this show, a weekly ritual, of course after the conclusion of project runway. we have joined with another wednesday-night-reality-show-watching party to combine forces and eat until our hearts are content.

so the challenge is a sandwich challenge. basic ingredients (bread, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper) will be provided for us and we are allowed to bring up to three ingredients, max. we’ll be judged on creativity, taste, presentation and congeniality.

i’m kind of nervous about my sandwich, but i can not reveal my three ingredients yet. i’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures!


7 thoughts on “the sandwich challenge.

  1. Angela says:

    this sounds like loads of fun…may i suggest a sharp cheddar cheese, sliced orange or red bell peppers and the meat of your choice, though i always prefer turkey…just 3 ingredients? bacon is always a good choice too. mmmm, maple bacon to be exact.

  2. Apes says:

    Thanks for your sweet words today…I’m glad to know I have a buddy in the “weird-transition waiting room of life”! Do work on your sandwich competition son…do work!!!

  3. Chris Anna says:

    did you win????

    and the “dork” comment still *stings* I think I will write more posts on all things “dorky”

    come see me! scratch that, let’s go to mexico!

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