alas, i was not victorious.

i have SO much to learn, friends. i have not watched the previous seasons of top chef, and therefore, felt a little unprepared for this competition with avid top-chef watchers. i just did what i could.

as you know, my three ingredients were pork tenderloin (that i marinated and roasted the night before), honey mustard, and cheese. (did you notice that comma before the word ‘and’??? did you? thank you. it’s called a serial comma. necessary to meet the chicago manual of style guidelines. but you probably already knew that.) the tenderloin came out very tender and deeee-lish…but a tad on the peppery side, eek! the honey mustard was phenomenal and the cheese…well it was cheese. but awesome!

we drew knives at the beginning of the night; there were five of us competing and five knives to select. they were numbered 1-4, and then there was a joker knife (the wild card!). we drew numbers so we could go in order of who got to select bread first– two loaves of ciabatta, two baguettes and two loaves of mrs. baird’s white bread. the ciabatta went FAST. too fast. the baguette seemed really tough so i ended up sticking it out with mrs. baird.

when the 30 minutes were up, we each brought our ‘plated’ food to the table and began sampling each sandwich one at a time. here’s where my psycho-anxiety-social-awkwardness begins to set in. i had NO idea we were going to be critiquing each other’s food one by one IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER. yikes. let me just say this: the closest thing i’ve experienced to ‘hell on earth’ is a nursing chemistry class i took in college, where my teacher graded my test in front of me and the whole class. AHHH! death! death! i was so nervous and i’m SURE i was beet red the entire time.

i lived through it, though. and ended up not being the winning sandwich. sad! haha. the scores were a teensy bit thrown, however, because our actual winner scored everyone very low. you could get a possible 20 points (5-creativity, 5-taste, 5-presentation, 5-congeniality). four of us were scoring everyone in the 15’s, 16’s and 17’s, and our winner scored everyone in the 9’s and 10’s. so it was a little thrown.

anywho. i shall now list the contestants and their scores (their names, obviously, are protected for you know…chef stalkers?) and their respective three ingredients.

chef cool beans – shrimp, marinated artichokes, basil pesto. DELISH. i really enjoyed the limey-goodness-flavors. this chef scored a 60.5 (out of a total 80). this chef used the ciabatta.

chef slovakia- eggs, turkey, smoke gouda cheese. also using the ciabatta…this was probably my favourite. this chef scored a 60.5

chef red house- brie, sliced green apple, turkey. i LOVED the tartness of the green apple. this chef scored a 56. (so did i.)

chef poopy scorer – egg salad, pickles. the third ingredient didn’t make it out in time. it looked pretty but i am NOT a fan of egg salad. this chef used mrs. baird’s and scored a 65.5.

next week’s challenge is going to be making a $10 taco. for six people. that’s a lot of people for $10! i’m thinking of going veggie taco or breakfast taco because i feel like most people will be wanting to choose a meat.

i have lots of pictures to post from this event, and i’ll keep you posted on the progression of the taco challenge.


3 thoughts on “alas, i was not victorious.

  1. Chris Anna says:

    I can’t believe you came in LAST place! It’s that dang white bread that got you. Sticks right to the roof of your mouth. Icky!

    …as is the name you chose to give the winner….icky, icky!

    You know southern-hospitality doesn’t use icky words like that…

    As for the $10 buck taco, I say fill it with all sorts of veggies. One of my favorite dishes at the awesome mexican food place in Kerrville is the vegetarian quesidilla. It is auhmazeing!

  2. shari says:

    yes, please make a vegetarian taco!

    i know it’s probably really easy, but i am no cook. i wish i liked to or found some joy in it, but dane is just going to have to do with frozen dinners and canned goods. and with us having such different lifestyles (me-vegetarian, dane-meat eater) it is stressful just thinking about getting started!

    so please post your ingredients and tell me if it was any good. i can always add meat for dane.

  3. emily says:

    you guys are brill. i was thinking of doing a veggie taco because i think most people are going to use some kind of meat. breakfast taco could be fun…but this one’s for YOU guys! :)

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