i don’t think incense smells very good.

guys. so i’ve been going to this episcopal church and just completely loving it and soaking it up. i’ve been doing some personal research about this “religion” and asking lots of questions. i’ve learned that the episcopal church practices catholic traditions but holds protestant beliefs. it’s sort of a bridge between the two. basically, it’s just got more flare than the baptists. ha.

i listened to a sermon online this week and liked it okay, but tonight i attended my first real service at this church. it was a celtic holy communion service. what beautiful words were spoken to God tonight. i sat in the back and just enjoyed taking in the readings and prayers and beautiful harp music. i stood, i sat, i responded. the reverend called for a time of healing and a time of invitation. and then we all stood around the altar and received the sacraments of communion.

reverend lex taught on doubt and faith. it struck a chord within me since i have been walking this road of doubt lately. he said there’s no humility in certainty. wow. think about that one for a few hours. he challenged us with the question: how do you know what you know? the reverend defined head knowledge and heart knowledge. he talked about the credo (statement of faith) and how your credo (which is latin for ‘the credo’, just kidding, for ‘i believe’) is not what’s in your head but what you are selling out to. what you are committing your life and your being to. it’s how you know the world in your heart.

he talked about a relationship with the trinity. this is the core of my credo and the core of this church’s credo.

love it.

i took lots of notes. and not that this constitutes a good church, but it says to me that God is alive in this place and He is speaking to me here. that is always a good thing.

on a lighter note. here’s a picture of me, that my friend karen took, pointing to a slayed rubber chicken. it looks like i have something in my teeth or that i’m missing one. somethings going on. i kind of think i was chewing a piece of gum… emily-and-chicken.jpg

9 thoughts on “i don’t think incense smells very good.

  1. Chris Anna says:

    I think the tradition the Episcopalian church follows is beautiful. It is supposed to be set up to where no matter what church you are visiting, you are all saying the same prayer and covering basically the same lesson. Talk about unifying the body!

  2. plastic cupcake says:

    yessssss! ‘unity’ is a theme i have come across while reading and learning about this particular episcopal church. it’s quite wonderful.

  3. Lisa says:

    just read the title again (i guess i didn’t catch it the first time i read the blog) but I hate the smell of incense too! it’s more irritating than soothing!

  4. emily says:

    i think i got high. or something. is this possible??? i felt so like i was about to fall asleep (i dont’ really know what i’m talking about…is that how you feel when your ‘high’? haha.) but when it was over, and lindsay and i came back to the ‘well, i was sooo hungry and thirsty. curious. oh well.

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