i swear i thought you wrote ‘sweet episcipalian godess’.

updates from the austin home-front. shane k., my hero, called me on monday and offerend me a job connecting college students to church plants in southern california. riverside to be exact. so awesome. so upon talking to my boss regarding this opportunity (mind you, i’ve been contract film labor for almost 9 months now), i was quickly approached by the CFO and CEO of my company at the request of a meeting.

um, scary.

i was offered a full time job at thinkwell (benefits and stock options included) as office manager-slash-executive assistant to our CEO. which has sort-of been my dream/wish job here. well there’s more to it than that. my dream job here would be as scout’s assistant. scout is carl (our CEO)’s dog. she is turning nine on saturday. we are all celebrating during work hours friday afternoon.

scout is awesome. she’s the only dog i’ve ever met who ‘lets’ you pet her if that means it will be followed by a delicious treat. steak. a sandwich. half a bagel. your leftover friday donut. she’s NOT picky. except i’ve recently discovered she doesn’t like grapes or tomatoes.

scout has come to work every day since she was 8 months and regularly attends meetings and goingsons around the building. i’m going to have a ‘scout hotline’ installed in my new office where people can call and buzz in, just for scout.

“scout, mark has extra fajita meat over in sales.”

and there she will go.

crazy times, but an honored time, nonetheless, of being sought out for two different positions. i’m sad i won’t be in california…really sad. but i know this is where i am supposed to be and great opportunity lies ahead.

in other news, i attended my first wine tasting tonight. it was a benefit for united way that my friend amanda got me on the list for. she’s so swank. she always gets me into these uber cool austin events, because she’s the director of a non-profit that works closely with major austin corporations…making sure they have opportunities to give back to the community and things.

it was held at truluck’s, one of my favourite places, and the shrimp and wine flowed like honey. oh whee. i didn’t get any pictures, but hopefully later this week i’ll have some to show for top chef. which has been postponed a week.


7 thoughts on “i swear i thought you wrote ‘sweet episcipalian godess’.

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, congratulations on your promotion! Thats really exciting. I am happy for you, and know this is where God wants you to be. Can you work in extra vacation days into your new package??? (Just trying to get you back here one more time before I leave.)

  2. shari says:


    can i have some of your cool points? you have so many, i’m sure you wouldn’t miss just a few hundred?

    i wanna be you when i grow up! how awesome to be sought after for two really great positions!

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