i think eleanor said it best.

great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

i have been challenged, these past few months, to find my idols. what is the center of my life? what do my conversations revolve around? i am certain that parts of my brain are barren wastelands. you wouldn’t want to take your dreams there, or offer residence to your imagination. the walls of my being are chicken scratch and graffiti and i have been forced to sift through and discover piles of junk.

i am incredibly rich with friends that i can talk big with. we dream and ponder the wonders of God and space and the core of life. there is no limit and getting outside of the box is a must.

in short, i want to be who eleanor roosevelt describes as, a great mind. i want to leave the simple, petty comments and insignificant bantering behind and step into a new kind of conversation.

7 thoughts on “i think eleanor said it best.

  1. Brianna says:

    I think that is an excellent idea. And don’t you feel alive when you dream big and aren’t you drawn to people who do dream big always? I am. I loves ya much!

  2. Chris Anna says:

    This IS my mom’s favorite quote. I think she used it on me at least once a week growing up. It would change based on the situation and the lesson she was teaching me, but always ended with, “small minded people talk about people.”

    …so, we had rules that went along with this quote, this made for lots of dreaming, and lots of ideas!

    I miss you!

  3. Apes says:

    I think you’re a great mind!…and you can continue bantering about petty things such as 30 rock, being Mexican (or in your case, pretending to be Mexican) and other such nonsense with your pal Sopapilla Conchita Gonzales…she’s pretty sure, such things make you no less of an Eleanor!

  4. plastic cupcake says:

    you guys are awesome! i know, april….cinco de mayo is SOON! how will you celebrate? i hope there’s a pinata involved…

  5. shari says:

    next time just title a post like this, “toe cruncher” because that’s exactly what it did!

    i have been dealing with this quite a bit lately.

    thanks for the reminder and reality check.

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