“i have a crush on the debate society.”

these are the words of my friend, sam webber. i agree.

so fusebox (aka ron berry-palooza) is happening this week/weekend and i’ve seen some sweet shows. so far, i have participated in a piece called etiquette and seen 2 productions: blue 60 and cape dissapointment…a piece created, written and performed by a group from new york called the debate society.

the debate society is a handful of deliciously brilliant folks. i had an opportunity to hang with them at the red house last night, after their first performance. the play was really intriguing and i can’t wait to see the finished product—what they are doing in austin is a sort-of workshop where they are performing and tweaking and changing to see what they like and what works. it’s still being written, and no doubt will make one killer debut this novemeber, in new york.

blue 60 was also fantastic– a collaboration of 60, sixty-second acts in 60 minutes. a wide range of performances from baton twirling to poetry reading to speed dating to my hero, sam ‘the cookie queen’ webber, handing everyone in the audience a delicious treat. the final 60 seconds featured my friend and co-worker, ron berry, doing a little dance. i had the opportunity to make a sparkly glitter shirt for him to wear, and is shown here in this crappy photo i captured: (it was dark in there! and i was on the top row, cracking up!)

tonight, more shenanigans will ensue. cheers.

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