it’s not me, it’s you.

dear the killers,

we were married once. i loved you. my friend holly photo shopped my face into group pictures with you.

it was a happy time…

i loved introducing myself as your betrothed. it was like…fate. we were meant to be.



the world.

but since then, the killers, we’ve grown apart. i don’t even know you anymore. i don’t even own your most recent cd. and i think you’ve moved on, too.

haven’t you?

well, see…there’s a new kid in town. well, they were in town.

we laughed. they performed. i cheered. we ate. we drank. we danced the night away. i formed a fan club and named myself president. it was like there was this hole in my heart that has now been filled with talk of mailing fruit, and t-shirt designs.

anyway, the killers. i’m leaving you for another. it has to be this way. we must go on and look only forward, not behind us. what’s done is done. but i wish you all the best.

warmest regards,
mrs. the debate society

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