cinco de emily.

i’m pretty convinced that the greatest thing on this earth friendship. i have been so incredibly and richly blessed with community here in austin, and some fabulous friends treated me like a birthday queen yesterday, for my 27th.

amazing. a unicorn pinata. in my cube.

after work, sam, karen, brock and i headed to manuels for some delicious appetizers and beverages, and i got some awesome birthday suprieses. here’s a picture of me eating my panda present from sam.

after maneuls, we headed to starlight for dinner. i had never been there before and we were all in for a great treat. they started us out with proscuitto wrapped cantelope with balsamic…yum! then we had some kind of tar-tar, black truffle risotto and an onion tart. our meals followed with white wine and red wine, and then a dark chocolate butterscotch pot de creme for dessert. wow.

shout out to sam for the awesome pictures! and thank you to EVERYONE who made my day so incredibly special. until next year…i shall remain 27.

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