that’s not my name! that’s not my name!

last night we had a thinkwell family outing to rio rita, for delicious pizza, refreshing drinks and a giant family sing a long. purely awesome.

one thing i found particularly blog-worthy was the improv game that i played with sam, shoe, corby and karen.

game number one went something like this: popcorn style we named a place, and object, and a weird occupation and the person in the proverbial ‘hot seat’ had to come up with something brilliant and witty to say that incorporated all of the aforementioned nouns. for example, karen was a taxidermist on an airplane with a screwdriver (a phillips to be exact). i ended up in a barn with sam, a vacuum cleaner sales woman. she hit me in the head with a frying pan (rude.).

game two: the interview. unfortunatley we only got to play one round. sam was the interviewer and i was the inventor of the toilet snake (you know that awful but awesome things that plumbers use to unclog toilets?). it my world, it was made out of cheese and also worked in people’s noses.


that’s how we roll.

you know you want to come to the next family picnic and the answer is yes.

in other news, the ting tings album is out today! i’m so excited i can hardly stand it.

One thought on “that’s not my name! that’s not my name!

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