big, big trouble.

sam and i ventured out this fine evening, to the alamo ritz, for the viewing of the 1980’s production of “big trouble in little china”, featuring sex in the city’s own kim cattrall.

true to alamo style, we got there 30 minutes early so we could eat dinner and see what crazy kung fu movie-clips they had to offer us for an appetizer.

sure enough, the ritz showed strong as trailer after trailer of old martial arts movies like “the glorious spear” and “the buddha assasination” rolled through the screen. here are a few favourite quotes that i jotted down for your entertainment.

1. lady whirlwind! the mistress of the death cloak? she’s always outnumbered by never out-fought.

2. the dragon flies: there can only be one dragon.

3. fearless fighters. devil weapons. the ultimate in martial arts.

4. the shogun assasins: this is the story of wizards and barbaric passions. (seriously, i’m not making this up.) behold the legend of a warrior.

5. this is a story of honor. disgrace. massacre. and a man who became a demon. now he hunts the lords that butchered his wife. (seriously? are we talking about kung fu still? yikes.) one man, one son…make the greatest team in history.

so there you have it. it made for a few entertaining hours on this hot and humid monday evening.

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