hey eugene, do you remember me?

i’m that chick you danced with two times through the roofers album friday night at that party on avenue a.

i went to a pink martini concert a few nights ago with a friend who happened to have an extra ticket. it was pretty cool…kind of like latin/cuban big band music with lyrics sung in english, spanish, french, japanese…oh, and arabic!

but honestly, who doesn’t love a band that can sing in arabic?

amongst their 11 instrument set up (yes they have a harp, brass, piano…the list goes on), pink martini cover a lot of older music (think, carmen miranda). they also write their own stuff and are pretty darn good at it. my favourite song was ‘dosvedanya mio bombino’, which translates to ‘farewell to my bumblebee’. this song was written by the lead singer and her sister about a guy she met at a party, who was half russian and half italian.

they also played a song called ‘hang on little tomato’ that was written through inspiration of a 1964 heinz ketchup ad in life magazine. the idea was that the tomato in the picture on the vine, needed to hold on and become big and ripe so that one day he could be put into heinz ketchup and paired with a juicy burger.

good, good times.

in other news, i’m getting ready to move. what’s the deal with the gas prices? barf. i’m moving 3 miles away from work and i can not be happier. my buddy amanda and i were chatting the other day about how gas prices have really affected the plans we make. take the bus? yes, please. take the commuter rail? that’s fine.

last night was our top chef casserole challenge. um, yes, ‘casserole’. amanda and i teamed up to make this beauty and it was absolutely fantastic. a tamale casserole was also entered. divine.

well, there’s a dog asleep on my feet. i suppose i should do something about that. woof! i mean, cheers!

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