foreign advice for a loyal old guy delivering a eulogy.

my friend karen sent me this article about 75 things a man should know. some of it actually pertains to being a man, however, most of the list could be universal.

i won’t list all 75, but i will list the top five that spoke to me. along with personal commentary (aren’t you lucky?).

1. give advice in one sentence that matters. love it. the strappazons are masters at this. small doses just stick.

18. speak a foreign language. më falni. emri im është sos djegës. which i think is albanian for, “excuse me. my name is spicy sauce.”

27. play gin with an old guy. now that’s just good clean fun. i used to play my pa-paw for chocolate covered raisins.

60. be brand loyal to at least one product. i’ve tried this with klm royal dutch airlines. i was convinced that no one knows how to treat their guests in the sky like the dutch…but then i discovered quantas and british aiwarys. so this one is still in the works, i’d say.

63. deliver a eulogy. i’ve never officially done this, per say, but when my nana passed away, my oldest sister and i were asked to write about her life. it was one of the most honoring things i have ever been asked to do.

5 thoughts on “foreign advice for a loyal old guy delivering a eulogy.

  1. shari says:

    “never give up!…..”

    these were all great…that last one got me thinking. when i pass away, i want my grandkids to write my eulogy…i mean, they are the ones that will think i’m perfet! thanks for the idea.

    i’ll work on the others.

  2. Lynn says:

    Nice Albanian!

    Good points. I just think you made a funny typo in the last comment….”when my nana and i passed away.” I would hate to think you passed away….and spoke at your own funeral.

  3. kyle says:

    i read the article – the full 75, and i gotta say, while some of them are worthwhile, i feel like the title of the article should have been: “The 75 Things I Can Do That Every (Other) Man Should Master (Cause I’ve Already Mastered Them All)”. there are 75 more equally important things that he didn’t mention because he doesn’t know how to do them.

    here’s number 76: be able to spot an insecure man who is trying to prove himself. :-)

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