look what i found.

i found some crazy pictures today i had forgotten about. here’s a sampling.

bff’s. my hair is sooo long.

this is amanda and treasure, her adopted little sister. we were making cupcakes.

the finished product!

amanda and harley bear, aw.

a little bling, please.

currently i am purchasing items for the flat, which i move into august 1. hooray!

i am looking for some bling-bling shower curtain hooks for my new vintage cowboy print shower curtain (don’t judge me! it’s awesome.).

target carries some excellent bling shower curtain hooks by shabby chic, however, they only come in pink. so i went shopping at the place you would THINK would have everything: bed, bath and beyond. UGH. nothing. NOTHING. yarg.


i’m friends with 16 different david’s on facebook.

isn’t that nuts? here are some more crazy stats…

5 other friends list kyle lent as their favorite music.

34 of my friends enjoy the tv show arrested development.

53 people have recently changed their profile picture.

77 friends have birthdays next month (july).

austin wadlow and i have one of the funniest wall to walls. my favorites include:
“that was a really nice instrumental.”
“Don’t hate me…just love me…take a deep breath and just love me”
“I hate you and hope you catch on fire…ok bye”

my top ten.

holly and i decided to post our top ten favourite things. be sure to check her’s out…here are mine.

(in no particular order.)

numero uno:

photoshop’s lightroom

i have been playing around with this program, and i totally love it. i’m still learning about it but it is pretty straightforward in helping even the amaturest of photographers (that’s me!) edit.

numero dos:

i heart british airways.

i am a memeber of their executive club and it’s so easy to earn frequent flyer miles. soon i will have a free ticket, hooray! not to mention they serve free, unlimited london pride. how hilarious.

numero tres:

sweet leaf tea!

my favourite flavor is half-n-half, which is half lemonade, half sweet tea. i also like their pomegranate green tea and diet peach. the original sweet tea is ALWAYS good, too.

numero four:

barefoot contessa cupcake mix

i adore baking cupcakes (duh) and my sister gave me a couple of barefoot contessa mixes for my brithday and the chocolate has been my favourite so far. they also make cookie and brownie mixes. yum!

numero five:

castello zacro olive oil

oh my. this olive oil is delicious. it is from greece and has a wonderful flavor by itself for dipping or adding to ANY dish (chicken, pasta, etc). i also like to use his oil mixed with an aged balsamic vinegar for dipping or dressing. muy bueno.

numero six:

david sedaris

i own almost every book (audio or paperback) of his. i think he is hilarious, and at times way inappropriate. he displays so much freedom in his writing…it is obvious he is not afraid to be who he is and that is so refreshing.

numero seven:

the tamara shopper by guess.

go to guessDOTcom and buy one for yourself. go. go!

numero ocho:

san pelligrino, oh how i need you.

this is the limonada, i also enjoy the orange flavor…it’s kind of like orangina but not as sweet.

numero nine-o:

funny shaped stuffed animals.

this one happens to be of the ugly doll brand. i also enjoy scary stories and sock monkeys.

numero ten:

turkish tea

i have a tea set very similar to this one that i bought in kosovo. i can’t get enough of this stuff…it’s a black tea that i can not seem to quite perfect, but it’s super delicious with a tiny spoonful of sugar and a lemon wedge.

welp. there you have it! what is your top ten? (insert cheesy smile here.)

who’s in?

i am tentatively planning my christmas/new years vacation for 2008-2009. i think it will be my goal to spend new years in a different country every year from now on. last year, kosovo. this year, denmark?

i think it’s funny when people use the word ‘enthralled’.

i guess that’s because it always makes me think of the psalm that reads ‘the king is enthralled with your beauty.’ to me, the sense of the word enthralled is something so majestic it can’t be described or defined by human words. it paints something so glorious i can only try to picture what this means.

en·thrall : to spellboud, to captivate

i suppose this also applies to words like ‘awesome’ and even ‘love’ (why, yes. i sure do love tacos!), which yes, i do find myself using these words at random.

“hey buddy. you’re so awesome for taking the garbage out.”

i guess i’ve never really been a big ‘i love you’ saying person to those i care about. yes i do use these words but not at the end of every conversation. i feel like that phrase gets thrown around and polluted by the farcest (is that even a correct usage?) of relationships. i feel like i’d rather show them love and give other words of encouragement.

(completely random sidenote: i just thought the person in the office next to me just answered the phone, “thank you for calling meatballs.” what? lies. she did not actually say that. my hearing is ridiculous!)

words are fun. i hope you were enthralled by my awesome post and i love you.

but really, think about that. God is spellbound by our beauty?? woah.

i am currently fascinated with avocados.

what do you think about that?

my favourite holly bear gave me this topic to blog about and i feel that it’s time, that i can be open and honest with you, blogging world. i, plastic cupcake, love avocados.

last summer my bff david green and i discovered our mutual liking for this delicious fruit until an acquaintances of dave’s told us they were full of fat. oh how deceived we felt, until we discovered that it was ‘good fat’, if you will. here’s an excerpt from a gmail conversation regarding this incident.

me: i’m so upset about avocados.
dave: i know i felt betrayed by them.
me: seriously, they are so good. UGH.
dave: they’re so nice and pretty green and they’re a fruit and they’re playing tricks.
me: they are clever little fruits. playing with our hearts and emotions.
dave: i know.
me: what are we going to do?
dave: put a hit out on them.

this shortly, thereafter, resulted in a $40 prank i attempted to pull on david, by having a couple of cases of california avocados delivered to his door. mmmkay.

so i’ve been eating at least one (sometimes, two) avocados every day so far this summer and they are delicious. it seems like every summer i have some sort of something that i eat ALL the time. holly can attest to the summer of 2006 we spent together in chicago, where strawberry yogurt and grape nuts were my ‘manna’. nowadays i like to mix avacados, tomato, goat cheese and a little balsamic and olive oil. tres deliciuos.

please, for the sake of food everywhere, go out and and enjoy yourself a nice avocado today. you’ll be glad you did.