a watermelon diddy.

this was written to my roommate, amanda, who has recently forced me to help her eat three giant watermelons. i mean, watermelon for breakfast, watermelon in my lunch box, watermelon for dinner, watermelon for second dinner…the list is endless.

i got to-go food for lunch today for the first time in awhile, and to my surprise (or not) there was a giant slice of watermelon included in my box. it wouldn’t really be funny to anyone else, but karen says i write the best letters, so here we go.

dear amanda,

i opened my blue dahlia and low and behold: a piece of watermelon. not too thick, certainly not too thin. just a plain, seedless slice of red fruit. staring at me. it wouldn’t have been so hilarious if i hadn’t, prior to the opening of my lunch, met 3 of it’s brothers in the weeks preceding this one. there are days, before, where i have felt that this fruit, shrouded in it’s green and thick shell of mystery, was taking over the kitchen counter. taking over the refridgerator! taking over who i am. it’s like all i could see was red. with slight hues of pink and white, of course. oh watermelon. how paired with a dash of salt, you are so good. and so plentiful. this is why i must eat you now. delicious watermelon.

the end.

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