cupcakes galore.

these are sooo very unedited. but i wanted to show you what i’ve been up to.

in lieu of taking over the world as a plastic cupcake, i decided i needed to have a mascot. a symbol, if you will.

first thing’s first. this is my lovely assistant, amanda. she IS all things cupcake-esque. we are currently roommates (for the summer) and spend our time commuting to work, going to dog school and making guacamole. we have also spent a lot of time lately with the alarm system repairmen, because her cat, king george, keeps setting off the alarm.

just for fun, whilst this picture was being taken, the cute guy down the street happened to be walking by to check is mail. cool, emily.

this is harley dean (amanda’s dog). he’s a fierce little tomato. last night he peed on a childhood picture of amanda’s and i thought i was going to get to wear a dalmation shrug to work today. or at least one of those poof things old snoby ladies put their hands in during winter time. what are those even called?

so i’ve been taken my beloved plastic cupcake on photo shoots here and there, so i thought i’d share a few with you, dear audience, and ask for suggestions on where the plastic cupcake should go next.

the world is your oyster cupcake.

8 thoughts on “cupcakes galore.

  1. shari says:

    yessss! i am so excited about the website and the pics…i would like to get my hands on that rad bench one (full res, please) if you would like another edited version (other than your own, of course!)

    i give this project a 10 for creativity!

  2. Stephanie Orr says:

    SO, is the cupcake thing a business? Or just a really cool ‘side venture’? Either way, love the photos!!! YOU are a creative brilliant mind!

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