the end of an era.

a top chef era, that is.

last night was the finale of top chef, season 4, where stephanie captured an incredible victory, capturing the first ever female top chef title. you can read about it here.

with our final top chef challenge approaching, i think we all faced our toughest challenge yet: vegan raw food dish.

yikes. that just sounds bad.

sidenote: for those of you, like me, who are a little confused about how exactly vegan defines , it’s pretty simple: no animal byproducts of any kind. this means no eggs, no milk, no cheese, etc. (and obviously no meat.)

this was sort of a strange challenge, but was, however, inspired by one of our chefs who has just completed a 21 day cleanse, eating only vegetables and gluten-free bread. pretty awesome. this challenge was, in fact, so awesome, that i ended up not participating, but making a fierce bowl of gucamole for all to share.

chef red house had the strongest showing and, hands down, won this finale. she make 3, count them three, raw, vegan desserts. how did she do this without baking? well, lucky you, i’ve got the inside scoop: sorcery.

i guess the most obvious looking thing is sort of like apple pie. you can see the apples and crust kind of ended up mixing together. that was my favorite. the two smaller brown globbies are sort of like little donuts. the recipe was titled something like ‘tastes like hostess cupcakes’…they were pretty close. the other huge glob, is something i like to call ‘george’s dinner.’ and we’ll just leave it at that.

chef cp, showed strong with scallops.

but oh great plastic cupcake, i thought you said this was a vegan challenge?

you’re right. here they are in a little bed of avocados and tomatoes, deliciously marinated in magic sauce, which is made with something like unicorns and rainbow droppings.

chef cool beans, attempted a vegan dish, not so much on the raw side (hummus was an ingredient). it was pretty good, i feel like it’s what i would expect if i were to eat a raw vegan meal…not super flavorful, but a balanced, calm taste.

last but, most certainly not least, chef slovak brought his raw, vegan meal: pizza.

so now, this chapter of top chef, has come to an end. i have to say that overall i am very glad we decided to get together every week to compete in cooking competitions. sometimes they were super frustrating, after all i think you can really learn a lot about yourself from what comes out of your mouth in a stressful and timed situation. ha. but it’s those moments when you’re sitting around the table among friends, trying new foods and laughing that makes this community so strong.

i shall now hang up my chef’s hat until we decide what we will do next. i proposed, to chef cool beans, that we attempt craft projects for the upcoming start of project runway. (july!) i’m thinking popsicle stick birdhouses and whatnot.

3 thoughts on “the end of an era.

  1. Holly K. says:

    You are so fun! Were you glad with the results? I liked the winner or Richard. But who I like never wins that show, sadly. :)

  2. plastic cupcake says:


    yeah we found ourselves not really rooting FOR steph or richard (we loved them both), but rooting AGAINST lisa. seriously. so mad she made it in the top three. but whatevs. :) i’m glad stephy won…first female, you know.

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