oh, father.

dad’s day is this weekend and consequently my sister and i are headed to dallas to lunch with the family. i have henceforth scripted an actual conversation between my father and me circa 1984, both in honor of this day and for your entertainment (or mine).

me: dad, mary has more baby pictures than me.
dad: oh well i think around the time you were born, our camera had broken.
me: oh. well am i adopted?
dad: where would you get an idea like that?
me: mary told me that i am adopted.
dad: oh she did, did she?
me: yes. she said a policeman left me on the doorstep and that you and mom don’t really love me.
dad: oh no, a policeman didn’t leave you on the doorstep.
me: really?
dad: yeah, it was a fireman.

4 thoughts on “oh, father.

  1. Holly K. says:

    I think all little sisters were adopted. My brother told me I was left on the doorstep by gypsies. And the fact that I had green eyes proved it because it was common knowledge all gypsies have green eyes. :)

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