cupcake goes to fort worth.

it’s true, cupcake, sister and i piled into the audi yesterday to make an apperance in fort worth to celebrate the day of our favourite dad.

are you still there?

ok good. i was afraid you got lost in the ridiculous beauty of my plastic cupcake, mmkay. pressing on.

so, we of course showered of father with gifts of frankincense and gold, and then dined for lunch at pf changs with our familia. then, my sisters, plastic cupcake and i, decided to take dad out and about. where do we go? the ft. worth moma? we hear kara walkers is opening an exhibit there soon. no? the japanese gardens?

oh, i know! how about a CAT SHOW.

that’s right. we went to a cat show at will rogers. sigh. they were also having an arabian horse show, just in case you are interested. now…the only one of us that actually likes cats, really, is my sister mary, but this was something so unique we just HAD to sneak in the back door and watch a round of judging in the long-haired division.

yikes? yikes.

we balanced out our day with, then, a trip to the vespa store. um, i want one of these. they even had a special edition louis viton one. so fierce.

yes, yes. just another day in the life of my family.

best to all. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “cupcake goes to fort worth.

  1. Apes says:

    If I lived in Austin, I’d totally buy a Vespa with you and we could cruise straight into our kick-A 30’s in style…mexy style!!

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