a review of the minutes.



Thursday, June 19, 2008

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Plastic Cupcake, LLC, a Texas corporation, was held on the 19th Day of June, 2008, at the home of the President.

Directors Present:

Emily Bryant, President and Founder
Karen S. Chan, Vice President
Amanda Chiampi, Creative Advisor

Also Present Were:

Harley Dean

Directors Absent:

Shoebert Shoemaker, Technical Director
Scout Tyson, Chief Canine Officer


Counselor Heath Cheek

NOTE:Legal Counsel, Heath Cheek was present via Facebook.

Call to Order

Emily Bryant called the meeting to order at 19:32, Central Standard Time and recorded the minutes. A quorum of directors was present, and the meeting, having been duly convened, was ready to proceed with business.

CEO Report

Emily Bryant reviewed the agenda and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Next, Emily Bryant discussed the current status of the company and its progress. A number of questions were asked and extensive discussion ensued regarding Cupcake McCake, Yoshi Mooncake ,and Reuben Spork.

Business Development Update

Emily Bryant and Karen S. Chan next provided an update on the overall development progress and brainstorming of the Company.

* Amanda Chiampi joined the meeting*

Amanda Chiampi then advised upon decisions in production and development of Plastic Cupcake, LLC and supplied Plastic Cupcake LLC with a brief review of ideas stated henceforth for the betterment of the Company. These ideas were reviewed and discussed by Emily Bryant and Karen S. Chan.

Closed Session

The Board next discussed a number of strategic topics. Questions were asked and answered regarding the status and further development of Cupcake McCake, Yoshi Mooncake, Rueben Spork.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 20:56 Central Standard Time.

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