i am currently fascinated with avocados.

what do you think about that?

my favourite holly bear gave me this topic to blog about and i feel that it’s time, that i can be open and honest with you, blogging world. i, plastic cupcake, love avocados.

last summer my bff david green and i discovered our mutual liking for this delicious fruit until an acquaintances of dave’s told us they were full of fat. oh how deceived we felt, until we discovered that it was ‘good fat’, if you will. here’s an excerpt from a gmail conversation regarding this incident.

me: i’m so upset about avocados.
dave: i know i felt betrayed by them.
me: seriously, they are so good. UGH.
dave: they’re so nice and pretty green and they’re a fruit and they’re playing tricks.
me: they are clever little fruits. playing with our hearts and emotions.
dave: i know.
me: what are we going to do?
dave: put a hit out on them.

this shortly, thereafter, resulted in a $40 prank i attempted to pull on david, by having a couple of cases of california avocados delivered to his door. mmmkay.

so i’ve been eating at least one (sometimes, two) avocados every day so far this summer and they are delicious. it seems like every summer i have some sort of something that i eat ALL the time. holly can attest to the summer of 2006 we spent together in chicago, where strawberry yogurt and grape nuts were my ‘manna’. nowadays i like to mix avacados, tomato, goat cheese and a little balsamic and olive oil. tres deliciuos.

please, for the sake of food everywhere, go out and and enjoy yourself a nice avocado today. you’ll be glad you did.

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