i think it’s funny when people use the word ‘enthralled’.

i guess that’s because it always makes me think of the psalm that reads ‘the king is enthralled with your beauty.’ to me, the sense of the word enthralled is something so majestic it can’t be described or defined by human words. it paints something so glorious i can only try to picture what this means.

en·thrall : to spellboud, to captivate

i suppose this also applies to words like ‘awesome’ and even ‘love’ (why, yes. i sure do love tacos!), which yes, i do find myself using these words at random.

“hey buddy. you’re so awesome for taking the garbage out.”

i guess i’ve never really been a big ‘i love you’ saying person to those i care about. yes i do use these words but not at the end of every conversation. i feel like that phrase gets thrown around and polluted by the farcest (is that even a correct usage?) of relationships. i feel like i’d rather show them love and give other words of encouragement.

(completely random sidenote: i just thought the person in the office next to me just answered the phone, “thank you for calling meatballs.” what? lies. she did not actually say that. my hearing is ridiculous!)

words are fun. i hope you were enthralled by my awesome post and i love you.

but really, think about that. God is spellbound by our beauty?? woah.

6 thoughts on “i think it’s funny when people use the word ‘enthralled’.

  1. Holly K. says:

    i LOVE how we say “ihatchew” when we really mean “i love you” . or are you really saying you hate me??? you and your words.

  2. Lynn says:

    I have always been enthralled by you Emily. Guess what…less than two months and I will be in the same country as you….sad times lie ahead.

  3. feirceandstrongergal says:

    I think enthralled is an interesting word. I have used it before. But it is nice to think that the lord is enthralled with us. I guess the word is majestic.

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