my top ten.

holly and i decided to post our top ten favourite things. be sure to check her’s out…here are mine.

(in no particular order.)

numero uno:

photoshop’s lightroom

i have been playing around with this program, and i totally love it. i’m still learning about it but it is pretty straightforward in helping even the amaturest of photographers (that’s me!) edit.

numero dos:

i heart british airways.

i am a memeber of their executive club and it’s so easy to earn frequent flyer miles. soon i will have a free ticket, hooray! not to mention they serve free, unlimited london pride. how hilarious.

numero tres:

sweet leaf tea!

my favourite flavor is half-n-half, which is half lemonade, half sweet tea. i also like their pomegranate green tea and diet peach. the original sweet tea is ALWAYS good, too.

numero four:

barefoot contessa cupcake mix

i adore baking cupcakes (duh) and my sister gave me a couple of barefoot contessa mixes for my brithday and the chocolate has been my favourite so far. they also make cookie and brownie mixes. yum!

numero five:

castello zacro olive oil

oh my. this olive oil is delicious. it is from greece and has a wonderful flavor by itself for dipping or adding to ANY dish (chicken, pasta, etc). i also like to use his oil mixed with an aged balsamic vinegar for dipping or dressing. muy bueno.

numero six:

david sedaris

i own almost every book (audio or paperback) of his. i think he is hilarious, and at times way inappropriate. he displays so much freedom in his writing…it is obvious he is not afraid to be who he is and that is so refreshing.

numero seven:

the tamara shopper by guess.

go to guessDOTcom and buy one for yourself. go. go!

numero ocho:

san pelligrino, oh how i need you.

this is the limonada, i also enjoy the orange flavor…it’s kind of like orangina but not as sweet.

numero nine-o:

funny shaped stuffed animals.

this one happens to be of the ugly doll brand. i also enjoy scary stories and sock monkeys.

numero ten:

turkish tea

i have a tea set very similar to this one that i bought in kosovo. i can’t get enough of this stuff…it’s a black tea that i can not seem to quite perfect, but it’s super delicious with a tiny spoonful of sugar and a lemon wedge.

welp. there you have it! what is your top ten? (insert cheesy smile here.)

4 thoughts on “my top ten.

  1. karen says:

    regarding perfecting the tea. you know i’m all about suggestions so, maybe try some honey and i’m not sure the extent of your tolerance, but maybe condensed milk? us azns heart the condensed milk in our coffee and tea.

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