i lorve our monday conversations. yes, lorve.


this is update.

i’m up to my ears in dogs.

right now i’m watching harley and george (aka ‘the king’–he’s actually a cat. meow.). i also had moxie and bingle this weekend, and tonight i pick up scout.

good thing they are so darn cute!

it was kind of a rough weekend, though. george barfed all over the stairs and when i was changing his litter box a huge hole ripped in the bottom. eek. also, i broke harley’s fancy retractable leash and had to order a new one. katastrof. i am seriously cool. not.


oh yes, i think i broke a toe. have we talked about this? i need to post a picture so you can diagnose me, blogging world. it’s all purpley and rendering me unable walk appropriately.

purple. that reminds me of the riddle of what 3 words don’t rhyme in the english language. i know there’s purple, orange…but i’ve never figured out the third one, mmkay.

i have goals thrice for the week: finish a pile of reading that i needed to have done yesterday; change my car battery; do something fun including but not limited to, sharing a beverage with my favorite karen, getting a haircut, brave the macy’s sale, visit the barton springs watering hole.

well. big gulps. later.

6 thoughts on “i lorve our monday conversations. yes, lorve.

  1. karen says:

    how about it we get a beverage and then I cut your hair! haha. (just kidding, along with not doing any 1950’s housewife type duties, i also don’t cut hair.)

  2. Apes says:

    WWMJD…what would mama josie do?!? What what! Mmmm I miss Josie’s burritos! Dang you Bryant for reminding me of deliciousness!

  3. shari says:

    oh barton springs! it’s really cold but really pretty. you should drive all the way there with the heater on so you will be ready to jump in when you get there. jkjk! but seriously, dude, it’s cold.

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