thank you, briana!

i am: wearing red earrings.
i dream: about travel adventures.
i think: today will be a great day.
i know: how to make an amazing pork tenderloin.
i want: an avocado for lunch. i do.
i have: 3 dogs in my cube right now.
i wish: i could see BOTH of my sisters everyday.
i hate: when george throws up on the carpet.
i miss: amanda and sam. i can’t wait for them to get home.
i fear: irrational fears.
i feel: that orange really is my favorite starburst flavor.
i hear: you.
i smell: like chanel today. oh whee.
i crave: bacon and pickles. can you imagine?
i search: for good conversation.
i wonder: how God will speak to me today. will i listen?
i regret: not having a savings account.
i love: when my friends from kosovo call. it’s the best!
i ache: for Love.
i care: about what others say even when i pretend i don’t.
i always: tell the same jokes.
i am not: silent.
i believe: freedom from myself will be the sweetest rest.
i dance: mostly in the car.
i sing: when i meditate.
i cry: at movies about animals. i do! it’s weird, i know.
i don’t always: do things conventionally.
i fight: with time. usually time wins.
i write: what i am thinking.
i lose: my keys at least once a day.
i never: use absolutes.
i listen: to you.
i can usually be found: walking a dog.
i need: Jesus. learning about him helps me make good choices.
i am happy about: going overseas with my family.
i desire: to love God and love others.
i hope: my toe heals soon.

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