freedom pancakes.


it’s true. i gathered with friends in my humble abode for a delicious feast of pancakes and turkey bacon to celebrate our nation’s freedom. the orange juice flowed and the syrup was sticky. i’m still cleaning up messes from that night. i only saw about 3.5 fireworks, but good conversation was had by all.

i am about half-way in my dogsitting summer 2008 endeavor. amanda and sam return tomorrow (hooray!) which means i won’t be sitting for harley anymore but i still have scout and will soon keep moxie and bingle, too. oh, woof.

soon plastic cupcake DOT com will go under major renovations. it’s true. my website is going under the knife to look more socially acceptable so that people might want to buy my stuff. my ideas. my soul. what? just kidding.


3 thoughts on “freedom pancakes.

  1. Sarah Simmons says:

    I wish my name was Moxie or Bingle. Why do dogs get all the cool names these days? PS thanks for the encouraging comment.

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