potato song best ideas ever.

firstly, here’s a picture of the magic slovak pancakes that made an appearance at the independence pancake fest.

secondly, i’ve been pondering holly’s most recent post for about twenty minutes, trying to think of my own list. conversly, here’s a short list of great ideas i’ve had over the past 28 years.

1. writing a play about online dating. that’s right folks. i lunched with my friends ron and amanda today at chuy’s. over tortilla soup and salsa, we discussed ron’s recent plunge and success in the online dating world. we decided immediately to quit our jobs and thus submerge ourselves into intense online relationships for the next 12 months. next step? taking our experiences in play form on tour internationally. in an RV.

2. recording a flute track in my car. it’s a true and hilarious story. back in the day, i was helping my friend kelsey (ok more like watching and listening) master and edit a cd for our friend sean. we would be up at all random hours eating french fries and picking dane up from his dorm to go eat breakfast tacos on the hospital roof, etc. etc. wild birds…you know. one night, after kelsey’s roommates were all asleep we decided one of the songs needed a flute track, so instead of recording in the basement studio setup, as to not wake the slumbering roommates, we hooked the mic up outside. in my car.

3. ipods. i’m just saying. i told you they would catch on.

4. riding the scary ferris wheel outside the hospital in prishtina. oh wait. nope. i haven’t done that yet.

5. giving up smoking. it’s true. i’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, and it’s one of the best ideas i’ve ever had, what with the rising cost of gas and food…i could never afford that habit in this day and age.

6. pretending to be part of the A-Team. statistics prove that stretching your imagination with your three best friends in an attempt to recreate a popular-at-the-time TV show is good for your heart and helps you grow really tall. i think i always had to be face. my sister was hanibal, our neighbor amanda was murdock and amanda’s little sister, who was like four at the time, was b.a. baracus. that’s right. we were bad to the bone. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve had to rely on the skills i learned pretending to be a part of the A-Team. i’ve taken lessons learned into the workplace and i like to think i’m helping the world, one case at a time. if you can find me.

7. living dairy free. holy cow. this is changed my life in ways i could never post about here. my acupuncturist told me awhile back that living dairy free would help my kidney function and relieve all these random symptoms i’d been living with for years…like constantly cold hands and feet. soon after embarking on this brave, cheeseless adventure, i was able to put those mittens and wool socks away. for good.

well, that’s all i got, folks.

happy weekending.

4 thoughts on “potato song best ideas ever.

  1. Holly K. says:

    you are the funniest person ever. really. originally i was going to do the best ideas ever and couldn’t find enough. so in true pessimistic fashion i did the negatives. :) your post was AMAZING! you always make me laugh. love you lots! i mean…. ihatchew.

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