attenion, you.

a couple of announcements…

1. please resent your links to currently, it will bring you to this wordpress site, but i’m about to switchover and i don’t want you to get lost. they’d have to page me like that time you got lost in the walmart shoe department. how embarrassing.

2. exciting guest posts up and coming. check back every five minutes just in case.

7 thoughts on “attenion, you.

  1. shari says:

    RESET!! hurry change it! haha.

    i will go and check mine right now….

    and i was thinking about have guest posts as well but the only one i can think of right now is….you.

  2. shari says:

    what?!!? i am truly honored! and really scared! maybe i shouldn’t do it! i have blog fright.

    ok, but seriously what should i blog about?

    i just bit all my nails off.

  3. Apes says:

    Ummmm, I took your word and keep checking like every 5 minutes…LIAR!! Thanks a lot for getting me all excited…I’m so excited (Jessie Spano style) and if you don’t hurry up with your new page, I might just start taking crazy pills….

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