guest post one. by kristin thomas.

The YWCA has a new water aerobic instructor substitute.

That’s right. It’s me, Kristin K. Thomas.

It is literally one step up from the man who cleans the pool, but three times a week I venture to the Y to be trained by, LaRhonda. I believe most of the people in the class learned how to tread water in the Atlantic on April 14, 1912, but it has turned out to be a wonderful experience. Parts are terrifying, i.e. the locker room.

(*insert shudder and small gag)

Now, one thing that will get the ladies’ heart rates up higher than the broadway move we are doing at the time, is a pair of men who lap swim. The difference between these fellas and the other people there is the fact that they are wearing speedos. That’s right. Form fitting, tiny, little speedos. Um, one of the men has a flesh colored one.

Yeah. Flesh colored.

The first time I saw it I do believe I my heart stopped completely and I slipped under the water unconscious, only to be awoken later from mouth-to-mouth by Dortha, the 87 year old spitfire. I haven’t been able to sleep for about a week because I wake up with night terrors of said speedo.

Do regular swim trunks really slow you down that much? I don’t think so.

8 thoughts on “guest post one. by kristin thomas.

  1. Austin W. says:

    Regular swim trunks really do slow me down…a lot. As far as the flesh colored speedo goes, I just happened to like that color. Try not to stare next time. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

  2. Apes says:

    I might be the worst comment writer ever…I just sounded like a creepy cave-woman in the above comment…ME LOVE GUEST POST (imagine me in my Wilma Flinstone toga-dress minus the actual Wilma Flinstone classiness)

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