online jibber jabber.

there are about a million social networks to be a part of today, aside from facebook and myspace. we’ve also got friendster, virb, linkedin, brightkite…the list goes on and is not limited to online dating like eharmony or match dot com.

oh yes, and the blogs.

i find it so interesting that in this day and age our peers are so willing to dish out information about themselves on the internet. do you think it’s easier to be more open with a complete stranger?

i say, yes.

statistics show that this generation is more about community than past. they see a hope and a future and i believe they will change the world with their charitable fervor.

perhaps online communities are now an extension of who we are. this past spring, for example, at a local film festival, the general question of the hour was, “are you on facebook?” so we could all ‘link up’ later and keep in touch. clever.

hmm. what ever happened to sending the occasional letter? you know, i still try to do this. before my nana passed away, this was how we communicated. sometimes we would talk on the phone, but she was first and foremost my pen pal. she would send me articles about what was happening in her town. i would send her lemon drops and books of what i was reading. i loved hearing her story through mail.

but when you think about it, isn’t writing letters the same as writing…say your profile’s favorite interests, online? is commenting on someone’s wall or sending a text just something you would normally say over the phone? or does this use less brain power thus dulling our sensitivity to say…enjoying a beautiful day?

i recently joined twitter and now follow about 14 different people, including barak obama. (that’s right!) one user recently commented this way:

Carrying a camera changes how I see and think. How’s Twitter shifting my experience?

fellow bloggers, do you ever catch yourself saying, ‘oh this would make a great post!’ and surely we’ve all been guilty of taking that one picture for our facebook profile. the point is, we walk life through the lens of our online community of choice. at least it’s beginning to seem that way.

(don’t call me, surely.)

so is all this online community-ing changing the way we view the world? is this positively or negatively affecting our minds and our sense of being? will we just all morph into one online robot?

my fear is someday, in the very near future, we will resort to an online mess of youtube and chats and moments of watching old chevy chase movies and baking cookies from scratch together on a sunday afternoon will be a thing lost and forgotten.

conversely, if we aren’t part of these networks, are we already lost and forgotten?

just some thoughts.

it’s 1am…

…and this might be the fish talking.

2 thoughts on “online jibber jabber.

  1. Philip Jordan says:

    Hey, funny article and very timely. I noticed that you had our social network as brightkite instead of Livekite. We actually changed the name a while back. No worries, but thought you should know. There are so many sites now, it’s hard to keep up with the names!

    Philip Jordan

  2. the Storm says:

    Okay, so I love this article! I think I might like to print it out, have my students read it, and then have them write up a position (with your permission, of course).

    I find blogging to be polite. Think about it – only those people who feel like hearing all of my crazy stories and sometimes crazier opinions are forced to sit through them. AND,I get to choose my words carefully because word choice is so important, you know.

    Basically, I heart this post.

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