dairy. it’s better than a bolt in the head.

allow me to explain.

i’ve been going through my old blog and have been reminded of some great things that happened during my 8-year-tenure in lubbock, texas.

actually this whole dairy thing took place in my home town of sulphur springs…so what am i even talking about?

so here’s the situation. spring of 2002? 2003? something…three of my buddies: regan, sean, and martha joined me in a roadtrip home to work a disciple now and it was one of the most fun d-nows i’ve ever had the privilege to take part in. the last night we were there, we go to do this really cool communion service..and sean played the guitar for like 3 hours…

anyway, during our off time that saturday, the fabulous four (that’s us!) decided to go for a drive. it was cloudy and borderline about-to-storm in a major way. now, my town used to be the dairy capital of the world. we have many-a-dairy farm lining the outskirts of our city, a dairy museum at one end of our high school parking lot, and cows. lots of cows.

a discussion came about that if we were to be cows or come back in another life as a cow, or whathaveyou, a dairy cow would be our breed of choice.


because dairy: it’s better than a bolt in the head.

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