guest post 2. by shari, let’s just go ahead and say henson.

i now give you shari, from lifenotlinear.

five ways to boost blog stats

i am, of course, assuming that most of plasticcupcake’s readers are fellow blog posters. that’s usually the way it works, anyway.

do you want people to come to your site like you visit are you tired of seeing Comment(0) after every post? well, then take note and get blogging!

i did some research when i started my blog over a year ago. there is a lot of advice out there, but these have proved worthy to me.

stick with a topic–if you started a blog about food, then post about recipes, favorite dishes, etc. if you write about your daily life, don’t write about someone else. if you want to be a place where people come for insight, great links, random fun (like plasticcupcake) then do that! most people have their favorite section in the newspaper…it’s no different with blogs. they will come back if you are consistent.

blog often–i cannot say this enough. not necessarily three times a day, but at least every other day. readers will forget about you if you only post once a week. i mean, we live busy lives. no time for once-a-week-posters.

make lists— kind of like what i have done here. well, exactly like what i have done here. people like organization. not to say that you cannot have randomness or prose style, but it’s a great gift to your readers every now and then.

visit other blogs— i hope you do not expect friends to call you out of the blue after not speaking for years! you must visit other blogs AND COMMENT. it’s blog etiquette. it’s not nice to visit blogs and not comment every now and then. if you do this, you will build ‘blog’ friends and in return (if they have learned blog etiquette) they will comment on your posts. and read them on a regular basis. and may even recommend your blog to others.

post pictures— i live by this rule religiously. actually, i think i made this one up. my whole blog is based around this rule. i rarely post without a picture to match. even if it’s your myspace profile picture, it’s still better than nothing. but seriously, try to make it interesting. sometimes your words are boring.

i debated on whether or not to tell you that i am really no expert on blog stats. about 75% of my blog readers are family members.

now tell me what works best for you.

best to all.

8 thoughts on “guest post 2. by shari, let’s just go ahead and say henson.

  1. Apes says:

    Mmmm…guest posts…in the words of Kanye West, “Me likey”. I have to agree hard-core with the visiting and commenting. As hard as it is to admit, we all blog for a hint of personal attention anyway…don’t refute it…you know it’s true! When I get a comment, I feel understood…like someone gave me an electronic “wud up” and an, “I value your words” nod.

  2. shari says:

    april-you are the absolute best at putting your personality into words!

    ‘wud up’…haha!

    yeah, the visiting and commenting would probably be number one on my list, you know, if i had to make one.

    thanks em.

  3. Dane says:

    yay! guest post! wait… I think I know her… henson? yes, yes, she’s going to be my wife soon.

    Great post. I make sure to not follow any of those rules so that Shari can get mad at me and excommunicate me from our blog.

  4. Jib says:

    Great advice Shari! Another way to get more readers is to visit your blog/website is to get as many links back to your blog from other websites. This is great for two reasons:

    1) people visiting those sites will possibly click on the link (this is too obvious I know)

    2) Google’s “Page Rank” system ranks you page (this is only one way Google analyzes your website) based on how many links back you have. This will make your website show up more often in Google searches.

    Austin Hike and Bike

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