clean bill of health! athankyou.

today is a very exciting day for me! since about the year 2000, i’ve had several periods of time where i’ve been in and out of the doctors office constantly, in lubbock, dallas, and denver.

now, i did go back and see the doctor mentioned in my previous post, to get some test results. i won’t vent and rant about the fact that she didn’t know what autoimmune hepatitis is and that it is purely hereditary. (i’ve spent enough time at the liver doctor with my mom over the past year to know what i’m talking about, ma’am! argh.) but i will say, that everything came back normal and i am in excellent health.


it’s been awhile since i could say that!

but enough about my medical experiences.

what’s the weirdest medical story you have? for me, i think it’s when i was up in denver, and they decided to put a pH probe in my stomach (via my nose) for 36 hours. ew. my friend dave told me once that he had this treatment done for his back where he had to lie down, strapped to the table for eight hours…sick!

ok, let the stories roam free. come on, my babies.

9 thoughts on “clean bill of health! athankyou.

  1. Apes says:

    Towards the end of my freshman year of college, my grandparents thought I had a disease, because I was regularly peeing like 10 times a day, so they made me see a doctor whilst we were out visiting a doctor for them. The doc gave me a huge orange plastic container to pee in for 2 days. I wasn’t allowed to pee in the toilet…EVER…for those couple of days AND I had to store the pee in the refrigerator along with all of our consumable goods. One of the days, I was at my best friends house all day and the pee container was in their fridge…their brother almost mistook it for OJ. Turns out, I just have a very verrrry small bladder…and I still pee like 8 times a day…and get made fun of for it.

  2. Kristin says:

    I have a humiliating story but I can’t post it for everyone to see. It is far too embarrassing. Just know it involved Thompson Hall, radioactive yellow pee, x-rays and pretend apendisidice. It was horrible.

    I’m really happy that you are healthy! Hooray!

  3. Stormy says:

    When I was a teenager, I had a chronic sore throat. I would lose my voice and cough and cough, then I would go to the doctor and…nothing. He couldn’t find anything. For like two years this went on – and off – and on. I think my doc and my parents thought I had a case of the teenage crazies and stopped paying attention to my throat and its woes.

    Finally, my regular doc sent me to an ENT who after 3 visits decided to just go on and take out my tonsils. I had a little minor tonsilectomy, and they learned that I had likely been harboring an infection behind my tonsils for years! There was something about it being dormant and only showing itself occasionally (and apparently never when I was at the doctor). Gross!

    I still use that story with my parents as proof that I AM NOT CRAZY!!!!!

    Glad you’re healthy! ;)

  4. Stormy says:

    Oops! I meant to use this :) instead of this ;). In other words, I meant to say, “I’m glad you’re healthy YAY!” Instead of “I’m glad you’re healthy – just kidding!”

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