the goddess party.

i was recently introduced to a group of women, here in austin, who come from all different backgrounds. it’s a pretty unique group, but who’s purpose is genuine and harmonious community.

they get together twice a month to learn something new. sometimes they showcase their talents, like playing an instrument or dancing. and other times they learn from one another.

this past week, they welcomed me to the group, and we learned how to make non-toxic, environmentally friendly household cleaning products and body scrub, using ingredients, like sugar, ev olive oil, baking soda, etc.

pretty sweet. we also used essential oils (lavender, grapefruit, etc.), fresh lemon zest, and rosemary springs to scent that junk up!

well friendlies, i hope you all have a fantastic weekend. shout out to THE HENSONS!!! today is your day! i know it will be amazing!

april is coming in town this weekend and we’re going to dance party it up. hopefully i’ll be able to post some pictures.


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