cell phone…more like…hell phone.

words can not even begin to express the frustrations i am having over my cell phone. i’m totally on the verge of breaking up with my cell phone provider, but i’m wishy-washy…10 years is a long time to be with a phone service. we’ve had our ups and downs, but overall i have had no problems.

but i think you’ve changed, phone provider…oh, yes. you’ve changed.

i don’t even know where my blackberry IS. it’s at one of the four service centers i’ve been to in the past week, and i just want to barf.

now they are telling me it will be an estimated $150 to fix my phone. the phone i have INSURANCE FOR. if i would have dropped it in the toilet or lost it, there would be no questions asked and i’d be not writing this blog, but happily receiving incoming calls and text messages on my new replacement phone.


fellow bloggers, should i stick it out and remain loyal? or seek phone service elsewhere, even though it might cost a lot to break up with my current phone?


they want $119 for a new phone. AND, it won’t be here for TWO WEEKS. that’s five weeks w/o service and me still paying the monthly maintenance for a blackberry.


5 thoughts on “cell phone…more like…hell phone.

  1. Kristin says:

    Oh no. Break it off. There are other fish in the sea and this cell phone provider is just a mean shark…not even a shark. Something spineless…like a jelly fish. Break it off.

    P.S. I lol-ed for about 5 minutes because of the title of your blog. It cracked me up. Hell phone. Genius.

  2. karen says:

    have you called them. sometimes they’re understanding about their phones breaking. i have your provider, i’m not really a fan but i’ve been with them for over a decade too. breaking up is hard to do.

  3. plastic cupcake says:

    i can’t call them because they whole system was reset a little while ago. and they said this happened to everyone…but i have heard of no others having issues….where you now have a pin number and a new login. hmmm. i can’t get through on the customer service line because when i hit the option that says ‘i don’t know my pin number’ it says ‘goodbye’ and hangs up. barf.

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