once upon a time…

…there were four girls who went to a dance party together. their names were shmemily, amandina, lesiline, and may. (their names are protected…you know for their innocence.)

lesiline and may were dancing it up inside the theatre and shmemily and amandina were digging through a huge bowl of double bubble, bubble gum. shmemily selected the flavor ‘blue raz’ and began chewing the gum and blowing bubbles.

shmemily soon learned that double bubble was not, in fact, the best gum to blow bubbles, as when she popped the first bubble it left blue sticky ALL over her face.

after frantically trying to get all the gum off her face, one failed attempt after the other prevented her from completly removing it from her lips.

then, amandina had a GREAT idea of using blue painters tape to remove aforementioned unremoval stickiness from shmemily’s lips.

long story short, the process worked. silly as it may be, it was the only solution shmemily and amandina could turn to in this desperate time of trying to get their groove on.

the end.

this story was brought to you by the letters F and Z and by the number 18.

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