the best/worst weekend.

happy monday everyone! it’s about 3:30 in the pm and i’m just getting going. i think i had one the worst migraines this weekend, ever. and it’s not so much the headache and all that comes with that, but the side effects of the medicine for migraines that render you pretty helpless. i am, however, thankful that it’s mostly gone. two days is nothing compared to those that last a week. sick.

but really, now on to the ‘best’ part of my blog title. on friday, the other half of my brain, came to austin for a visit. it was a good thing, because i hadn’t seen her since last december, and that is just entirely too long to be without part of your brain. we journeyed out to the dog and duck (or as i like to call it, the bark and quack), for fish and chips, and was just thoroughly filled by the conversations that only we can have with each other. living in a world of twitter, facebook and texting, it’s so nice to be able to laugh and cry and share your dreams and passions with friends face to face every now and then.

(sidenote. i think it’s funny that firefox is trying to correct ‘texting’. testing? tenting? textile? no thank you.)

also around the ATX, for friday and friday only, was one of my best friends and longest-knowing friends that i regularly keep in contact with. that’s right, buddha. buddha and i worked at a tennis camp together for about 4 years, although we met summer of 1999. i hadn’t seen him since summer of 2005…waay too long.

here’s a really horrible picture, from many moons ago, of buddha sticking his finger in my nose:

anyway, luckily the other half of my brain was down for meeting buddha and company, as good times were had by all.

but alas, i missed out on all kinds of churching on sunday that i’m really sad about. sigh. i love a good churching.

thanks for reading.

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