i suddenly realized i’d gone from a jay leno to a david letterman.

you know, i’ve often said it’s taken all 27 years of my life to feel comfortable in my own skin. life is such a funny journey of twists and turns, detours, finding the best road-side food, and the occasional empty tank of gas. we grow and change, venture to new places and come back to appreciate the old ones moreover.

traditonal chinese medicine practices say that the autumn month is a time of reflection. it says alot of other awesome and interesting things, too, but with the quintessential autumness (if you will) abounding in this cool weather we’re strangely having, many evenings this month, have allowed for some excellent porch sitting and reflecting.

and this is how i discovered i’d gone from a jay leno to a david letterman. it’s true. i don’t watch a ton of TV, and i “try” to be in bed before the news is over, but i have noticed the channel changing from nbc to cbs, more times than not. could it be that i enjoy stupid pet tricks? shall it be said that letterman’s toothy smile warms my heart when he reads the top ten?

it might just be.

leno and letterman are one thing, but it’s really the late late shows that have caused unrest in my soul. for YEARS, i was a die-hard conan fan. i had a mad crush on him and, he is still one of my favourite tv personalities. but craig ferguson. oh, how i love you. you and your sweet, scottish accent and random outbreaks of…well, randomness. sigh.

my how the times have changed. i like to think of it as the evolution of emily. right?

thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “i suddenly realized i’d gone from a jay leno to a david letterman.

  1. karen says:

    i’m on board with the conan sitch. though i didn’t have a mad crush on him, i was pretty faithful. now i prefer the amusing opening antics of mr. ferguson…how he sits on the desk for a few seconds to open the show, how he juts back and forth towards the camera -sometimes holding it up close to his face during the monologue, his banter with the guests. i hadn’t likened it to aging…but now that you mention it…hmmn, its something to chomp on for a bit.

  2. kyle says:

    hmm, this is an interesting situation. on the one hand, you’ve gone from leno to letterman, which gives me hope. i don’t find leno very funny at all. to me, his best bit is “headlines”, and those aren’t even “his” jokes.

    but on the other hand, you’re abandoning conan. for craig ferguson at that emily! i’m sorry, but i find this unforgivable. (i forgive you.) i can say, without fail, that the few times i have watched craig ferguson, i have sat stone-faced for the whole show, without a single laugh. sorry, i just don’t find him funny in the least. “my cheeky wee monkeys” gets old real fast.

    i’m not sure what to make of this emily!! :-)

  3. plastic cupcake says:

    whatever you 2:22am stalker! kidding, kidding. i think i have it set for time in china or something.

    anyway, i know. i knew when writing this post that i would disappoint you, specifically, sir kyle. but it’s time to be free and own the fact that i ALWAYS end up watching craig. i know. it’s weird. it’s really weird. i think conan and i grew apart. he does have the best skits, though. like the spanish soap opera, the year 2000, i love him. i guess i only make it through the monologue and by the time it gets to the guests i’m asleep. sigh.

    i don’t know what to make of this either.


  4. Jason & Stephanie Trook says:

    Those of us who are older and perhaps a bit more seasoned by life could tell you that the letterman/ferguson combo is a sure winner. Forgiving the fact that ferguson “did time” on the drew carey show, he is very funny, and scottish(which puts him in the same category as Sir Sean Connery). Anyone that can be in a category with Sir Sean Connery is worthy. Let me also say that letterman has the greatest straight man-Paul Shaffer. This is wisdom that cannot be taught, it can only be learned from experience.

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