microloans for macrodreams.

i sincerely hope that all of you, in and around the austin area, can at some point, attend a cultivate hope event for the discoverhope fund.

check it.


i am part of the marketing committee, who does things like attends meetings, crafts name tags, borrows a keg cooler from another non-profit, makes random, last minute, flower arrangements (and names them)…you know, that sort of thing. and i LOVE it!

i started volunteering with this organization about 2 months ago and have been…to say the least, inspired. this organization is the brain-child of my friend, maggs, who moved to peru for several years from a calling within to see the world “con otros ojos” (this is spanish for ‘with other eyes’).

it still cracks me up that this vision came to her in spanish.

we’re having a couple more events this year (our next one is a silent auction at copa) and hopefully some rockin’ concerts in the spring time, so i’ll keep you posted.

as i am fairly recovered from all the mexican food i ate last night, i am now preparing to depart for dallas, where i’m meeting up with the family. it’s time for my mom’s yearly check-up appointment with her doctor, at baylor, to see what our next steps are. nervous. but hopeful.


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