interacción con la barista.

allow me to set the scene.

earlier today a coworker gave me a postage sticker.

not a stamp, a sticker. thing.

it’s a sticker that’s attached to say, a book of stamps. and i have been wearing it around, running errands, talking to the auditors, etc. and no one has noticed it, except for sam, my fashion goddess hero. (go sam! you rule.)

after lunch, i needed to drop off some deposits at our bank downtown, so i figured i’d drive and park somewhere so i could get a coffee also.

after departing the bank, i arrived at desired coffee destination and here’s how it went down.

barista: HI! (big smile.)
plastic cupcake: hello.
barista: are you being mailed somewhere?
plastic cupcake: uhh (oh, snap. the sticker!)…yes. yes i am.
barista: cool, where are you going.
plastic cupcake: here. suprise!
barista: suprise, girl!
plastic cupcake: can i get a soy latte?

and so on.

it’s just good to know that there are others out there that appreciate the fine quality of postage stickers as part of a clothing ensemble. it’s very fashion forward.

jealous? i know.

5 thoughts on “interacción con la barista.

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m so glad you wrote a blog today. I seriously look forward to it every single day. I really do.

    I am jealous of your postage sticker accessory.

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