west texas wrap-up.

well i enjoyed a great weekend in the LBK, visitng my adopted parents, spending quality time with good friends and most importantly…the reason that i visited: working a youth event, at first baptist, called 3D.

originally, i was assigned to senior high girls, however upon arrival, i was redirected to 7th graders, yikes! i had prepared for older students but sometimes you just have to man up, show some flexibiltity, and just get it done.

we had some interesting break-out sessions. my girls were absolutley adorable, creative, hilarious, and 100%, out of control. mistake number one was feeding them candy, however their clever little minds decided to mix ALL the candy into one giant bowl, to create a banana taffy family, using nerds and sweet tarts as faces. they were the banana family; zerubbabel, ma’am, bobby (a girl, with a ‘y’) and bark (the banana family dog).

we talked about driving golf carts into lakes, boys (i talked to a ‘zach’ on the phone), people at their school who had fat wads of cash, and many other shenanagians. we did have a a few awesome moments, going deeper, talking about their favorite fruits of the spirit, and which aspect of the trinity was the most attractive to them. pretty cool.

i always try to learn something and walk away differently, from these events. i think a lot of my weekend was connecting to some important people…the trooks, the williams’, pearl merchant, and seeing dave and brandon…but also just being still. that was huge. i think i’m learning to appreciate and understand quiet and solitude in my old age, ha ha.

here are a couple of two, non-iphoned pictures.

wes and meredith trook! they are so cute. i loved spending the weekend with them.

brandon and i on our way to church, sunday morning. rocking out the big sunglasses.

more pictures coming soon from discover hope.


thanks for cupcaking.

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