b is for billy.

today i had lunch with one of my newest favorite kids, billy. he’s pretty much the best, and his dad makes kewl tee shirts and things.

here are my top 5 favorite things billy said:

1. “i’m having a girl.” (his mother, obviously, is with child.) “her name is enid lego blocks.” (i THINK that’s the name he picked out…)
2. “i’m going to watch chihuahua hollywood movie. the theme song goes like this: nahnahnanana CHIHUAHUA! Hahahhahaha!”
3. “i’m a dinosaur!”
4. “my socks make me fast. if you come over to my house i can show you how i slide.”
5. “yeah. i’ll bring some projects over.” (after i told him we had work for him at thinkwell.)

yeah, billy’s a stud. here’s a picture of him, walking with carl.

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